Barefoot Bee Apiary

The Barefoot Bee apiary began in 2008, in a beautiful serene meadow in Hollis, NH. Truly a honeybee’s haven, with numerous orchards and vegetable farms within flight distance. From there we placed hives in different locations and have now moved them to a local farm for sufficient winter protection.

2011 will be our fourth season. We continue to enjoy acquiring our beekeeping skills, working towards keeping our hives strong and healthy.  Honeybees face various challenges in trying to survive.  The presence of Varroa mites, infections and other conditions can severely impact a colony’s ability to thrive. Our goal is to use natural and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques in managing our honeybee colonies.  We have been interested in and working with the Russian breed of honeybees, as s
cientific research shows their hygienic behavior helps them to manage the Varroa mites in their colonies.  In 2009 our Carnoleon hive had a Russian Queen and this colony proved to be our strongest of the 2009 season.  For the 2010 season we were pleased to purchase Russian queens (through Alden Marshall of B-Line Apiaries-Hudson, New Hampshire), as well as Russian packages (through Warm Colors Apiary- South Deerfield, Massachusetts).

This continues to be an exciting journey for us. We are two friends who felt passionate about the current situation with the honeybees and wanted to do something to make a difference.  And so, The Barefoot Bee was born. Honeybees are fascinating and as you can see from the picture below beekeeping is something that people of all ages can enjoy! The picture above is one of our daughters, age five at the time.  She is placing a frame, right next to the newly hived bees, in our first hive of 2008. Each season continues to bring new excitement and we are pleased to be part of something so vital to our environment’s well being and future!  

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the many people that have supported the Barefoot Bee’s efforts as we have passionately worked to get our entity up and buzzing. 

  • Our family, friends, and customers for your continued support and enthusiasm regarding our products and mission.
  • Our beekeeping mentors Mr.Roy Januskiewicz of Baby Bear Apiaries, Nashua New Hampshire, Mr.Rick Reault of New England Beekeeping Supplies, Tyngsboro Ma. and Mr. Allen Lindahl of Hillside Apiaries, Merrimack NH.
  • Mr.Bob Cudworth of Hollis NH, for his generous support in helping to create our gardens that keep our Barefoot Bees happy, and hive preparations during Spring of 2009.

Apiary Update:

The severe drought and heat of 2010's summer season was difficult for honeybees in our region.  These conditions left our bees with less than optimal honey and pollen stores for their winter survival.  Therefore, having new hives and being a small apiary we did not extract any honey from our bees this season and will continue to support their needs in hopes they will survive the winter 2010-2011.  As Of March 2011, we have Russian honeybees buzzing!  Some of our colonies did not make it, however we are hopeful to pull through the Spring with the bees that did survive and will continue to expand our apiary for the 2011 season.

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